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If you are looking to enhance your designs, consider using icons! Icons are tiny but powerful tools using which you can enhance the overall quality of your content. You can create a long-lasting impression on your audience and make your websites visually appealing with the use of icons. Icons are small images that can be symbols, shapes, logos or mathematical symbols. You can download as many icons as you want from a free icon website that is ideal for both personal and commercial use. If you want to add icons to your projects, you can download them from the top ten websites mentioned below.

Download icons for free

In a fast-paced world, the attention span can be very limited, especially when there is a huge passage of text. One of the major benefits of using icons is the ability to grab a user’s attention between huge texts. Icons are also a great way to break language barriers and are much easier to remember than texts. If you are selling a product or service, an icon will communicate much better than a lengthy explanation. There are many websites using which you can download icons for free.

S. no. Free Icon website
1 SoftIcons
2 Iconfinder
3 IconMonstr
4 FreeImages
5 1001 Free Downloads
6 IconArchive
7 Flaticon
8 Font Awesome
9 Graphic Burger
10 UXwing

Best Free Icon Sites

1. SoftIcons

Softicons is a great website where you can download icons for free. The website launched in 2010 and provides a wide range of icons exclusively for personal use. It is a popular website with more than 2849 icon sets that contain toolbar icons, game icons, social media icons and payment icons. You can also convert your favourite image into an icon using the Softicons website. Altogether, there are over 4,75,000 icons available in PNG format, and you can customize or edit the icons before getting them on your device.

2. Iconfinder

One of the best free icon sites to find unique and interesting icons is the Iconfinder. It’s not only a great website for icons but also a popular website for all your designing needs. This website is a search engine where you can find icons by their names or by the name of the designers. Moreover, there are over six million icons to choose from, and a great feature of this website is the pre-edit option. With the pre-edit option, you can customize the icons you have chosen and change the colour and shapes according to your requirements.

3. IconMonstr

IconMonstr is a free icon website that has some of the simplest icon designs. This website has a huge collection of simple yet versatile icons, providing a huge amount of free resources for anyone to use. All the icons are lightweight and available in PNG and SVG format, making them the perfect choice for web use. It has over 4600 free icons available for users and has an image portfolio on Shutterstock. You can also add your regularly used icons to the favourites section to easily access them in the future.

 4. FreeImages

It is one of the largest icon libraries where you can download high-quality icons, clipart and illustrations for free. You can use the icons for decorations, study projects, printables and much more. Users are also free to use the icons for commercial use without having to worry about copyright issues. You can download the icons and clipart in three main formats- ICO, SVG and PNG. These free icons can be used for preparing slideshows, documents, websites, etc, making FreeImages one of the best free icon sites.

5. 1001 Free Downloads

As the name suggests, 1001 Free Downloads is a no copyright free icons website where you can get over a thousand varieties of icons in ICO, ICNS and PNG formats. It offers its users a wider range of fonts and textures to customize the graphics. This website also has clipart, patterns, gradients, and wallpapers, which you can use to personalise your icons. The site also regularly adds new and updated icons created by designers from all over the world, ensuring that the users don’t run out of new and unique icons.

6. IconArchive

Icon Archive hosts over 8,00,000 icons and 2517 icon packs, making it the top free icon website where you can download icons for free. These icons can be browsed based on different categories such as popularity, recently added, and artist name. Users can download and use the icons without subscribing to the website or logging in, making it easier to download the icons. Moreover, these icons are available in PNG, SVG, and ICO formats, which can be used for both commercial and personal purposes with no copyright issues.

7. Flaticon

This website is a subsidiary of Freepik and has one of the largest collections of free icons. Flaticon is a no copyright free icons website with the largest icon library. It has a large variety of stickers, Icons, logos and animated stickers that anyone can download and use. The collection is crafted by creators from all over the world and is a blend of different concepts and styles. It has over six million icons available in PNG, PSD, BASE64, SVG and EPS formats and is the most popular choice among designers and developers.

8. Font Awesome

Fontawesome is a free icon website that has both free and premium icons. There are a total of six icon libraries with over 16000 icons, and the first four are free to use. It has over 70 different categories to choose from and also provides instructions on how to use these icons. If you are looking for creative ideas for your next project, you can do so with the help of Font Awesome. The latest version of Font Awesome has all the necessary icon styles available, which can be downloaded in different formats, such as PNG and SVG formats.

9. Graphic Burger

This is a top free icon website that can be used for both personal and commercial purposes. It has over 20000 icon templates in PSD and PNG formats that can be easily customised within seconds. Graphic Burger is known for its mockups for T-shirts, water bottles, cardboard mailing boxes, hoodies and many more. Users can create hyper-realistic mockups using the free icons provided on the website, which can also be downloaded. You can also add text effects and change the backgrounds to customise these icons.

10. UXwing

UXwing is one of the best free icon sites that can be used for any purpose without having to worry about copyright issues. Users can use the free, high-quality, clear and visible icons designed by professional artists. The icons are available in PNG And SVG formats, and you can design websites, apps or product designs from the 150+ icon categories available on the site. All icons can be compressed by about 60% without ruining their quality. You can also send feedback and request new fonts if the need arises.

Icons are useful tools that can significantly improve the user experience of a website. The best free icon sites have thousands of different icons to choose from depending on personal use or commercial use. More importantly, you can also customise these icons, change their backgrounds and add text messages to them. These icons are available in different formats, such as PNG, SVG, PSD and many more. An icon is a great tool to convey and present your information in a visually appealing way to boost user engagement and attract viewers to your website.

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