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With the Youtube AdBlock extension, you can block unskippable ads that run before, after, and during videos for free.

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Ads Blocking on YouTube

Every day we block thousands of ads; that’s why we are the best YouTube Adblock extension. So say bye-bye to annoying ads, banners, and pop-ups.

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“I can finally have no more annoying ads. Thank you so much!”

Robert James

Santa Cruz, USA

“Such a good Adblocker. Recommend this for YT users.”

Lizi Albert

Rock, CA


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Frequently Asked Question's

YouTube AdBlocker automatically skips and prevents the ads on Chrome browser.

Yes, YouTube AdBlock for Chrome blocks all types of ad.

AdBlock for YouTube is trusted by more than 1 lakh users and it is very reliable extension to use. 

Install the YouTube adblock chrome extension & watch YouTube videos without any ads.

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