Top 5 Best Screen Recorder Chrome Extension

5 best screen recorder chrome extension

Want to explore some advanced screen recording features while playing games? You can now take full use of video recordings, screenshots, and many other features while playing games on your laptop/PC. In the world of creative ideas, you can present your thoughts via video recording, screen recording and editing your content with the best tools. Look no further because here is a list of the best-picked screen recorder Chrome extension for you.

You can now record your screen without any interruption. Be a part of the world where you can communicate via videos and share your views on different social platforms. Enjoy gaming, vlogging, and video presentations with high-quality editing and recording features by simply adding a screen recording extension to your Chrome.

Benefits of using screen recorder Google Chrome extension.

1. Easy to use:

The UI of these extensions is generally easy to use and requires no specialized skills or knowledge.

2. Efficient communication:

These extensions help in efficient communication as they allow users to explain a process or concept visually. This can be especially helpful in a remote working environment.

3. Improved collaboration:

Screen recorders facilitate collaboration by enabling users to share recorded videos with their team members or clients.

4. Effective creative:

These Google Chrome Screen recorders can be used for training or creative purposes, allowing users to record screens while performing a task and then share the video for better understanding.

5. Time-saving:

Chrome Screen recorder extensions save time as they eliminate the need for users to explain a process or concept repeatedly. Instead, users can record their screen once and share the video with multiple people.

6. Better support:

Screen recorder Extensions can also be used to provide better customer support by recording and sharing step-by-step solutions to common problems or issues.

Top 5 screen recorders

Here is a list of the best screen recorder extension which will help you choose the most suitable screen recorder with many other exciting editing features and will take your recording experience to another level.

Best Screen Recorder Chrome Extension
1. Real Screen Recorder
2. Awesome Screenshot and Screen Recorder
3. Loom – Screen Recorder & Screen Capture
4. Vimeo Record
5. Fluvid Screen Recorder


Screen recorder extension works on different web tabs with its advanced features and resolves all your video editing-related issues.

1. Real Screen Recorder

real screen recorder chrome extension
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Real screen recorder is the best-picked screen recorder Google Chrome extension available. With its high-quality recording feature, you can record an enormous amount of HD videos. This screen recorder Chrome extension provides different features for recording, such as recording desktop screens with a camera and without a camera. You can also record audio while recording your screen. So, why delay? Start sharing your vlogs now!

Advanced features of Real screen recorder extension

  • Records unlimited videos
  • Records with Camera
  • Noice control
  • High-quality video recording

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2. Awesome Screenshot and Screen Recorder

It’s time to get your laptop/PC updated with an amazing screen recorder extension. You can get access to high-quality HD screen recording without paying for premiums. Awesome Screenshot and Screen Recorder is one of the best tools available on Chrome. This screen recorder extension has the capacity to store 20 videos on a cloud platform and up to 20 screenshots. Still, Thinking? Download the perfect screen recorder extension for Chrome.

Unique features of Awesome screenshot and screen recorder.

  • 3M+ active users
  • Download uploaded videos in WebM or MP4
  • Multiple recording methods
  • Cloud storage for the latest 20 videos
  • HD recording and downloading

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3. Loom – Screen Recorder & Screen Capture

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Are you a content creator? If yes, then this screen recorder extension for Chrome will be most suitable for you. You can enjoy creating videos by recording your screen with multiple editing options. Loom screen recorder Google Chrome extension provides various video recording options and multiple library distribution to share videos. So get your video captured with the best quality and editing features!

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Exciting features of Loom – Screen Recorder & Screen Capture.

  • Contains libraries
  • Numerous video quality options (720p, 1080p, 1440p, or 4k HD)
  • Video trimming options are available
  • Storing and Uploading features available

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4. Vimeo Record

Do you also struggle while screen recording? Don’t worry! You can now record videos for hours because this screen recorder extension provides you with unlimited video timing. You can also customize your recorded videos with this amazing screen recorder extension. Record, share and enjoy. You can now directly share recorded videos with multiple sharing features and enjoy creating videos.

Special features of Vimeo record extension. 

  • Direct social sharing options
  • Unlimited video timing
  • Custom video thumbnails
  • Multiple Recording options

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5. Fluvid Screen Recorder

This Fluvid screen recorder extension for Chrome helps with unlimited recordings. You can now record your favourite shows, tutorials, and games for free without any watermark. Create attractive content with limitless editing and customized thumbnails.

Exclusive features of Fluvid screen recorder extension.

  • System audio recording
  • Watermark-free recordings
  • Custom thumbnails and watermark options
  • Unlimited recording access
  • Editing features-crop and trim available

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How to download the Chrome extension

Here are some simple steps that will help you easily download the screen recorder Chrome extension.

Step 1: Web store

Go to Chrome and open “Chrome Web Store”.

Step 2: Installation

In extensions, search for the one that suits you the best and click “Add to Chrome”.

Step 3: Checking

Check whether the extension is working correctly.

Note:- If the extension is not working correctly, remove it and follow the steps mentioned above.


Say hello to new generation techniques with the best suitable screen recording extensions. From recording tutorials to capturing gameplay, screen recorder extensions offer a variety of features and functionalities that can enhance productivity and creativity.

In the article, we have explored five of the best screen recorder Chrome extension available, each with unique benefits and advantages. Whether you are a student, professional, or content creator, these extensions can help you in editing high-quality recordings quickly and easily. In addition, these extensions come with attractive interfaces, versatile editing tools, and cloud storage options. The screen recorder Chrome extension is one of the best ways for the ones looking to capture their screen and share their content with the world.

Still thinking? Grab the opportunity now. Download the suitable screen recorder extension for your laptop/computer and take advantage of the ultimate editing tools and recording exposure! 

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